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About Us

The Georgian Beekeepers Union is an umbrella association uniting more than four thousand Georgian beekeepers. We are advocating for and representing their interests and the health and development of the honey sector in Georgia.

Formed in 2018, the Georgian Beekeepers Union unites ten beekeeping associations: Georgia Professional Beekeepers Association, Georgian Apifarmers’ Association, Ajarian Beekeeping Business Association, Global Entrepreneurship Network, Farmer of the Future, Georgian Agricultural Cooperatives Association, IDP Beekeepers Association, Jara Beekeepers Association, Western Georgia Beekeepers Alliance, Kahetian Beekeepers Association and three commercial beekeeping companies: Impervet Ltd, Despan Ltd and Kakhetian Traditional Winemaking Ltd in Georgia.

We are dedicated to promoting Georgian honey and this Honey of Georgia website is our comprehensive portal presenting the geographical diversity and richness of the different honey types produced in Georgia as well as in depth information concerning the bio diversity of regional honey flora and the Caucasian Grey Bee. For those interested in purchasing quality Georgian honey the site also lists current sales outlets stocking the honey of our members on our locator.

For more detailed information about the Georgian Beekeepers Union and its activities please visit our official website at: www.geobeekeepers.ge